You know when you look up to that little grid of pictures that shows all the things that PTV officers can fine you for? No feet on the seats, don’t punch darts, keep your grog closed until you get home, etc. One thing it doesn’t include is a picture of a naked man throwing himself buck naked down the aisle of a moving train.

Well, free from the fear of penalties or getting his Myki confiscated, one Melbourne commuter decided to do just that.

A video uploaded to the Lilydale line Facebook page shows the man taking a healthy run-up before throwing himself down the sapphire aisle of glory. As the crowd brays, a true Australian hero is born.

The dive is spectacular, the sound as he hits the tarmac is devastating but awe inspiring, the mullet is impeccable, and the distance – give that man concession rates for life. But then again, who needs to pay for the gates to open when you can slide right under them? Watch the magic below.