Why should humans reap all the benefits of drive-through fast food?

Family-run Heidelberg home and garden store The Greenery has just launched a doggy drive-through, so you can stock up on pet food – without even getting out of your car.

It works just like Macca’s: drive up to the window where you order and pay, then the bulk bags will be loaded into the back of your car for you. Easy.

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They aren’t all dog days, though; the drive-through stocks food for cats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs, as well. And you can also buy pet beds and kennels, kitty litter and straw for pet enclosures, plus all your regular landscaping products.

The Greenery Drive-Through
4 Banksia Street, Heidelberg

Mon to Tue 9am–5pm
Wed 9am–12pm
Thu to Sun 9am–5pm