On September 6, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that he’d be extending Melbourne’s lockdown for another 14 days from 11.59pm on Sunday September 13.

But thankfully, when you wake up tomorrow the rules will be marginally less strict. It’s not much, but at this point any small dent in the lockdown monotony is welcome. Here’s what’s in place from midnight tonight.

• The 8pm curfew has been pushed out by an hour and now stands at 9pm–5am.

• You’re allowed to exercise for an extra hour a day, up to a total of two hours, split into a maximum of two sessions. You must still exercise within five kilometres of your home. You may drive somewhere to exercise, but the drive counts towards the two-hour limit. You may exercise with one other person.

• Up to two people may now meet outdoors for a maximum of two hours. Both people must remain within five kilometres of their home.

• Single parents (with all children under 18) and people living alone may now receive one nominated visitor, who can come from more than five kilometres away, or travel to the nominated person’s house themselves, again ignoring the five kilometre rule. If the nominated person lives with others, those people may not be home when the buddy visits.

• Outdoor playgrounds will reopen tomorrow, but all indoor gyms, sports and recreational facilities will remain closed.

• As before, only one person per household may do grocery shopping.

• Cafes, bars, restaurants and shops remain takeaway/delivery only.

• Schools, childcare centres and other educational facilities remain closed. Essential workers can still send their children to childcare. Other special exemptions apply for certain people.

• Workplaces remain closed, except for those in permitted industries.

• As before, there are only four valid reasons to leave home: work (for permitted industries), exercise, medical care/caregiving, and shopping for food or other essential items.

These restrictions are due to ease again on September 28, provided the average number of daily cases over the next 14 days doesn't rise over 50.

See the full list of restriction guidelines here..

If you’re concerned you may have contracted coronavirus, consult the Department of Health and Human Services website.