“One of these days these boots are ‘gonna walk all over you.”

Nancy Sinatra’s famous lyrics became all too real for a Mernda man on Monday after Victoria Police discovered thousands of allegedly stolen shoes at his property.

Far from being a goody-two-shoes, the man may be more of a baddie-4600-shoes. Police say they found more than 2300 pairs of work boots and sneakers in a room at the man’s home in north-east Melbourne.

For the past six years police have received reports of stolen footwear in the suburbs of Doreen, Watsonia North, Craigieburn and Mernda. The recent sole-searching began after police received a tip-off about the location of the shoes following a public appeal on social media.

According to the Age, police allege the Great Shoe-dini was making boots disappear between 11pm and 7am, stealing them from the porches of his victims.

The 43-year-old man has been charged with theft and handling stolen goods and has since been released on bail. He will appear in the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court on April 13, 2018.

Anybody wishing to be reunited with their footwear can contact Victoria Police, which will make the shoes available for identification at a later date.

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