If you feel like you’ve spent all spring mid-sneeze, you’re not the only one.

Friday saw Melbourne’s highest pollen count since November 2013.

Monday's pollen count was “extreme” according to Melbourne Pollen Count and Forecast, a free website and app by Melbourne University’s School of Botany and Asthma Foundation Victoria, which recorded 154 grass pollen grains per cubic metre.

To put that in perspective, a “high” count day sees 50 or more grass pollen grains per cubic metre of air.

Melbourne University botanist, associate professor Ed Newbigin, predicted back in September that this season would be worse than normal.

Basically, it has to do with the high amounts of rain over winter, which has contributed to healthy perennial ryegrass pastures, which is the culprit behind Melbourne’s allergenic grass pollen.

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The free service is incredibly handy, and a potential lifesaver for severe asthma sufferers.

The week ahead is looking to be a more tolerable “moderate”, but best to have the nasal spray ready in case the wind changes.