Museum staff around the world are snapping on their gloves to make some surprisingly creative, although slightly awkward, dance videos for your viewing pleasure.

Among them is our very own Melbourne Museum, which just qualified for the second round of the annual Museum Dance-Off, run by blog When You Work At A Museum.

Thirty-six museums from the US, UK, Canada and Australia entered this year’s dance-off. A daily poll released on the blog places four museums’ videos against one another, which we, the public, can vote on. The winning entry progresses to the next round.

Melbourne Museum’s entry, set to Fatboy Slim’s 2001 Weapon of Choice, claimed victory in its first-round face-off on Tuesday, earning 54 per cent of the vote.

Melbourne Museum’s manager of conservation and appointed dance-off chief Helen Privett says the success is making for great break-room chat.

“Everyone I see in the elevator is beside themselves,” she says.

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Privett ran a well-oiled machine. The planning process included storyboarding and appointing departmental dance captains.

The clip includes special cameos, including the Museum’s celebrity attraction, Phar Lap.

A personal highlight for Privett is when a particularly enthusiastic staff member leads a conga line through the Milarri Garden.

“That’s one of our staff, John,” says Privett. “He’s really got the moves.”

Melbourne Museum will be up for Round Two voting on Monday 2 May. To claim the Museum Dance Off title, Melbourne Museum will have to win three rounds and then a grand final.