Our hometown heroes have made it to the final stage of the international When You Work At A Museum Dance-Off, proving that lab coats, conga lines and a dancing Phar Lap, choreographed to Fatboy Slim’s 2001 track Weapon of Choice, is a winning combination.

Thirty-six museums from the US, UK, Canada and Australia entered the third, annual competition by submitting videos of their choreographed routine.

Melbourne Museum is facing-off against the Chrysler Museum of Art from Virginia for the Museum Dance-Off title after receiving the highest number of public votes over three rounds.

“I think we’ve been feeling progressively more and more competitive as it’s gone on,” says Melbourne Museum’s dance-off chief, and head of conservation, Helen Privett.

“It does feel vaguely ridiculous, I have to say, but I’m okay with that,” she laughs.

You can vote for the winner of the title online now. The polls close at 9.59pm AEST tonight. The winner will be revealed soon after.

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“We do have somewhat of an advantage because of the time zone,” says Privett. “We’ll be awake voting madly while they’re still asleep.”

You can vote as many times as you like.


Watch Melbourne Museum's entry:

Watch Chrysler Museum of Art's entry: