When it seems the world is hurtling into the abyss, there’s solace found in humanity’s random acts of weirdness.

An enterprising duo has taken over a Fitzroy laneway in adoring tribute to Seinfeld character, Elaine Benes.

Karsten Jurkschat says, “My mate Alex [Little] and I were chatting on the weekend about Jerry’s upcoming shows and we realised there’s been a lot of talk about the men of Seinfeld around Melbourne – George’s Bar, Larry David’s cafe – and not much about the true hero of the show, Elaine.

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“So we thought we’d give her Melbourne’s highest honour, her own laneway.”

You can find it behind the 7-Eleven on Johnston Street, near the corner of Brunswick Street.

The pair quickly designed and printed the Elaine cut-outs and pasted it up on Monday night. Three metres high and six wide, the paste-ups run on walls of the alley and includes a sign for an unofficial new street name: Elaine Way.