In a press conference this morning, Premier Daniel Andrews announced a substantial easing of metro Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions from October 19 – as well as another round of relaxations planned for Sunday November 1.

“This strategy is working and will continue to work,” Andrews said. “What it means is that as so many cities across the world head into what is going to be a deadly winter, we in Melbourne and across Victoria are well-placed to have a Covid-safe summer and a Covid-normal 2021.”

Here’s what the new restrictions mean for you.

From 11.59pm on October 18:

• The five-kilometre lockdown radius will be extended to 25 kilometres. (Instantly create a map of your new radius using these two free tools.)
• The two-hour time limit for outdoor activities, such as exercising or socialising, will be scrapped.
• The number of people able to gather outdoors will increase from five to 10 (from a maximum of two households).
• Subject to Covid-safe conditions, outdoor sports venues – including golf courses, tennis courts and skate parks – will be open.
• Hairdressers will reopen with strict safety measures in place.
• Outdoor photography will be allowed.
• Real estate auctions will be allowed with up to 10 people (plus the necessary staff) and commercial real estate inspections can occur.
• Outdoor pools will be able to host 30 swimmers; indoor pools can open for one-on-one hydrotherapy with a health professional.
Allied-health professionals ( such as physiotherapists, optometrists and psychologists) can resume face-to-face care.
• Non-essential outdoor home maintenance, repairs, renovations and house painting can occur with a maximum of five workers.
• Mobile or home business pet grooming will be allowed.
• Solo or automated car washing can reopen.

From 11.59pm on November 1:

• The four reasons to leave home will no longer apply.
• Households will be able to host two people and their dependents once a day.
• Subject to Covid-safe conditions, restaurants, bars and pubs will be allowed to reopen – for 20 people inside and 50 people outside.
• All remaining retail will reopen.
• Personal and beauty services will return, so long as a face mask can be worn.
• Fifty people (or 25 per cent of a venue’s capacity) will be able to gather for outdoor seated entertainment.
• Twenty people will be allowed to gather for funerals and outdoor religious gatherings.
• Ten people will be permitted at weddings.
• Contact sport for kids and non-contact sport for adults will recommence.