If you’re one of the people who feel Uber has dropped the ball in the last few months but still don’t want to take a taxi, a new service has just pulled up in Melbourne.

Oiii – which launched in Melbourne last week – is a new government-approved service that allows users to order from an app, or go the traditional route of hailing rides or finding cabs in the taxi rank.

Surge pricing will not be charged, nor will booking fees, but passenger and driver ratings will remain. The service will have 50 new cars on the road this month with plans to expand to 1000 cars by June. The company hopes to have 2000 cars on the roads in the next 12 months. Following Victoria, the service will next launch nationally.

Two types of operators will exist in the system. “Primary” operators will pay an $800 fee to have safety cameras, a regulated taximeter, dispatch system, taxi light and signage installed in their vehicles. “Secondary” operators such as drivers for other companies can use the app to pick up rides.

On top of any installation costs, drivers will pay Oiii a $260 fee per month plus a 10 per cent commission on rides picked up through the app.

Following industry reform last year, drivers no longer require a taxi license but simply pay an annual fee of $52.90, provided they have driver and operator accreditation.

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