Just a couple of days ago, on November 15, Australia celebrated the anniversary of the day it said “yes” to marriage equality.

In a further commitment to celebrating Australia’s LGBTQI community, Premier Daniel Andrews has promised Melbourne Pride – a new pride party planned for 2021 – should his Labor government win re-election in this month’s state election. A chunk of the Andrews Government’s just announced $6.4 million equality pledge will be used to fund the event.

Melbourne Pride would take place on Gertrude and Smith streets in Fitzroy and be an indoor-outdoor celebration involving the many venues in the area, which is home to notable LGBTQI favourites such as Sircuit, The 86 and The Peel. The government hopes to position the party in line with other major international pride events in London, New York and Berlin.

“This is an event that plays to Melbourne’s strengths as Australia’s nightlife capital and will be a European-style street party, involving many pubs, bars and clubs in an indoor-outdoor celebration,” a Victorian Labor spokesperson tells Broadsheet.

“Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade has a its own flavour, with marching groups and floats promoting LGBTQI rights, issues and themes. We’re not trying to emulate that.”

Staging the party in 2021 will coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Victorian Parliament decriminalising homosexuality. Melbourne Pride won’t interfere with the existing St Kilda Pride March that takes place as part of Midsumma Festival held during January and February.

Labor also promises to give a funding boost to regional pride celebrations by adding an additional $200,000 to its Pride Festival and Events Fund.

At this stage specific details are slim but Premier Andrews has one artist in mind as the headline act.

“Kylie – if you’re reading this – keep 2021 free,” he says.