The City of Melbourne has stopped issuing fines for minor parking infringements so Melburnians can access essential services and businesses without having to rush.

As the city braces for more significant closures due to coronavirus, Lord Mayor Sally Capp said council officers will be using their discretion to avoid fining people for exceeding time limits on city parking spots during the crisis.

“We ask everyone to be mindful of the importance of vehicle turnover to support people needing to access essential services and businesses. Given these exceptional times, we will use our discretion and only issue fines when vehicles are parked unsafely,” a City of Melbourne spokesperson confirmed.

“This includes parking in disability bays without a permit, blocking driveways, clearways or lanes, parking too close to intersections, or parking in resident permit zones. Stay safe.”

Fines may still be issued to drivers who flagrantly flout the rules, but given there are currently fewer cars accessing the city, the council wants to make things as easy as possible.

Find updates on the council’s response on its website.