Three new measles cases have been confirmed in Victoria.

The first, a man in his twenties, who is now recovering, contracted the illness while travelling in the Philippines.

In the second instance, a woman in her forties picked up the virus while visiting Singapore and Thailand.

A nine-month-old boy is the third case. The baby, who is now recovering at home, also contracted the infection in Thailand.

There have been 29 cases of Measles confirmed in 2019.

The individuals were infectious at various locations: Cebu Pacific flight 5J49 from Manila to Melbourne and Melbourne Airport Terminal 2 on July 20; Eastland Shopping Centre from July 23 to 26; Adventist Women’s Conference, Phillip Island Adventure Resort on July 27 and 28; and Pino's Trattoria, Cowes on July 27.

Measles symptoms include rash, fever, conjunctivitis and severe coughing. If you experience symptoms, visit your GP. A free vaccine is available.

More information on measles can be found here.