From September 1 Etihad Stadium will be renamed Marvel Stadium under a deal between Melbourne Stadiums Limited (MSL) and the Walt Disney Company Australia. The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009.

The eight-year partnership involves the total rebranding of Docklands Stadium, a premium Marvel retail store and other “activations” that will incorporate Marvel’s comic book and film characters.

Most importantly, it should generate a new generation of AFL-player nicknames.

Let's start now.

Captain America: Mason Cox, Texan-born
Spiderman: Jeremy Howe, climbing up stuff all the time
Iron Man: Dusty, because swagger, and inventions (Don't Argue; the Mohawk Mullet)
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers): Daisy Pearce, strong; composed; skilled; pilot
Black Widow: Gary Rohan, a red-headed assassin
Thor: Buddy, superhuman speed and agility and illogical feats of strength
Doctor Strange: Eddie Betts, the magician
Hulk: Aaron Sandilands, no explanation necessary
Groot: Max Gawn, like a tree
Loki: James Sicily, an absolute pain
Ant-Man: Caleb Daniel, sub-microscopic
Iron Fist: Alex Rance, no explanation necessary

In a statement CEO of MSL Michael Green explained the Marvel brand was a fitting partnership to enliven the “world’s busiest multi-purpose stadium.

“This partnership will allow us to take the stadium atmosphere to the next level and create memorable experiences for a vast array of audiences and we look forward to delivering a truly game-changing experience.”