A Sunbury man is being investigated after using a drone to pick up a sausage from a Bunnings car park and fly it back to him as he sat in his outdoor hot tub at home.

The DIY delivery has hit a snag though – the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is looking into the incident and the man may face fines of up to $9000, according to the Age.

A video posted to YouTube (since deleted) may prove a number of breaches of drone regulations, which includes using a drone within 30 metres of people and over a populous area.

The video shows the man attaching a note to the drone that reads: “Please buy snag and put in bag, here’s $10!”

When the drone arrives at Bunnings’ car park sausage sizzle, a snag in bread is put in a zip-locked bag and reattached to the drone before it’s flown to its resourceful, hungry owner.