Sometimes life gives you lemons. Donald Trump. The end of summer. The wrong card at a big awards ceremony.

Other times, you’re on you way to work on the train, and a man drops a knee on the Frankston line.

Hannah and Ryan reportedly met on a train about 10 years ago. Just before 8am today, as the train rumbled towards Flinders Street, the announcer began a special broadcast over the speakers.

We “have an announcement this morning”, he says. “This mostly concerns passengers towards the middle of the train, specifically carriage four. We have two of our regular commuters with us today – Hannah and Ryan. They met on the train about 10 years ago. They’ve been madly in love ever since, and today Ryan has a special question he’d like to ask Hannah.”

Then Ryan dropped a knee, and everyone got out their phones.

She said yes; Metro Trains said all the love-and-train puns it could summon.

You can watch the full magical moment below.