In lockdown-radius terms, five kilometres felt unbelievably restricting. But picture that distance (and then some) in the form of a lush vertical garden, crawling around a riverside skyscraper.

It’s been announced that a 5.5-kilometre vertical garden – one of the world’s tallest – is planned for Melbourne.

It will be part of an ambitious new $2 billion project by Melbourne-based property developer Beulah. Slated for completion in 2027, Southbank by Beulah is expected to stand at 365 metres, which would make it the tallest tower in Australia.

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Resilient plant species will be selected for the mammoth landscaping task. Mountainous and coastal varieties will catch the northern sun up top while larger, leafier plants will be used closer to ground level. And the greenery will be grown at a dedicated nursey in Victoria, so it’s given a chance to mature before installation.

The vertical garden will have an environmentally conscious irrigation system; water collected across the building will be stored underground and reused to water the plants. And it’ll contribute to a total of 15,500 square metres of landscaping at the site, which will include sprawling greenery on the ground floor and surrounding outdoor areas.

Across its two twisting spines, Southbank by Beulah is also set to have a five-star inner-city resort, a rooftop “sky garden”, public green spaces, a retail precinct, and spaces for arts and cultural events. Plus, private residences, commercial offices, and a health and wellness centre.

Southbank by Beulah is slated for completion in 2027.