Thousands of people are flocking to Lillydale Lake every week, and it’s not for the views.

Over the past month, the surrounding parkland has been nicknamed “Dratini Lake” by Pokémon Go players, because it’s a confirmed “nest” for the baby-dragon-looking Pokémon.

Dratinis are rare elsewhere, but if you catch 32 you can use the resulting candies to evolve it into a Dragonite (which do plenty of damage at a Pokémon Gym).

Via: Diem Hang, Facebook

Crowds catching fresh air and Dratinis at Lillydale Lake

Enthusiasts are catching more than Pokémon though. According to the Leader more than 4000 cars came to the lake over the weekend, and Yarra Ranges Council officers issued 44 parking fines in that time. Eager hunters were busted parking on nature strips and in disabled spaces.

Users on the Pokémon Go Melbourne Facebook page brag about how many Dratini they collected in a single Lillydale hunt. Others organise communal night hunt events at the lake.

A $93 fine is steep, but a lot of players have decided this thing is well worth it.

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