Sweden had Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA; Melbourne had Franco Cozzo and his elaborate furnishings. His much-loved television commercials and thick accent made him a beloved figure, and his career was celebrated in the documentary Palazzo di Cozzo. When he passed away in 2023, Melbournians were devastated.

Today an Instagram account run by the Cozzo family shared that he has now be nominated to have a park named after him in Brunswick. “It touches our hearts that he has had such a great influence on the community,” the post read.

Franco Cozzo Park is one of five proposed names for the area located on Frith Street in Brunswick. The other names include Fabbrica Park, Fletcher Jones Park, Foundry Park and Yubup Park.

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The final name will be decided by popular vote with a poll currently open on the Merri-bek City Council’s website.

“It would be an honour if you guys could fulfill his legacy by voting for him,” The Cozzo family’s post continued.

If you ask us, a park in Cozzo’s honour would be a megalo, megalo, megalo-ly good idea – and, to echo one commenter on Instagram, we hope every park bench is baroque as hell.

Click here to vote.