The news of restrictions easing significantly across Victoria fell on excited ears yesterday, but we’re not quite out of the woods – which means that while we’re relaxing some safety precautions, others we can’t abandon yet.

One of these is mandatory mask wearing. A protective measure put in place by the state government to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, compulsory mask wearing will still be part of a Covid-safe Victoria until at least 2021, Premier Daniel Andrews indicated in a press conference today.

“Masks need to be with us across the whole state for some time to come. I know it’s frustrating. I know that no-one particularly enjoys wearing a mask,” he said. “We will be wearing masks, I think, at least into the end of the year and we could wear them into next year.”

While mask wearing isn’t exactly a fun time, the government stressed that it’s a measure believed to greatly assist with containing the virus. “This is one of those trade-offs. If we’re going to have that Ring of Steel gone on November 8 and we’re going to have people from Melbourne travelling into regional Victoria and vice versa, masks need to be with us across the whole state,” Andrews said.

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