In January, Broadsheet reported on one of Melbourne’s most inspiring residents – the indomitable Parkdale pigeon.

Since at least October 2016 the pigeon has defied the efforts of Public Transport Victoria cleaners to remove its nest on top of an LCD screen at Parkdale Station.

The pig-headed bird has returned time and again to rebuild following the ruthless destruction of its nest, and has now given birth to two new baby chicks.

Pigeons usually stay with the same partner for life, and the randy little critters have been known to give birth up to six times a year, so it’s hard to say how many chicks have been raised at the Parkdale Station nest.

Some call them grey sky demons, but to others they’re a symbol of endurance and perseverance. Keep doing your thing, Parkdale Pigeon. Stick it to the man with your pile of sticks.

See the dedicated work of pigeon correspondent Michael Bell below.