Melbourne’s stage-four lockdown is now in full effect, which means Melburnians are required to stay home, with few exceptions, until at least September 13.

Before the 8pm curfew kicks in each night, you can exercise outdoors for an hour each day with one other person, and send one member of your household out for supplies. It’s also okay to pick up takeaway, assuming your local is still open.

All those activities, though, must be done within a five-kilometre radius of your home. If you’re unsure what’s within your radius, there are a couple of ways to check.

One option is to plug each proposed destination into Google Maps to see how far away it is. But there are also online tools that let you map a circle around your home.

For example, the website KM From Home lets you plug in your address so you can see clearly which areas, amenities and exercise buddies are within five kilometres.

It also lets you drop a pin for a friend’s address to see where your two circles overlap so you can take a walk or workout together (at a safe distance).

For when you’re on the move, the RonaRadius app also lets you plug in your address, then add a destination to see if it’s close enough to visit.

Those who do leave their homes for essential reasons must follow social distancing guidelines, which include maintaining 1.5 metres from others at all times and avoiding physical greetings. Masks are now mandatory statewide whenever leaving home. For updates, check the DHHS website.