More good news, Melbourne. From midnight tonight, you can have people over to your house again.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the news in a press conference today, and the home visits will roll out in line with the reopening of hospitality, retail and more tomorrow.

There are a few limitations, though. Two adults from one household will be able to visit another home accompanied by dependents who can’t be left on their own, but only within the 25-kilometre lockdown radius.

And importantly, only one such even can occur in one day – “meaning if you have somebody over to your house at, say, lunchtime, you can’t visit another house that night”, Andrews said. And the same goes for those visiting you.

The premier also asked that people keep a record of who’s been to their home and when.

“Your home is the most dangerous place for the spread of this virus,” he added. “When you let your guard down, this virus will take advantage of you.”

It comes as Victoria records zero new coronavirus cases and deaths for the second consecutive day, which hasn’t happened since the start of March.

“We will be able to find a Covid normal, but we will all have to play our part in that,” Andrews said.