Over 60 years, Guide Dogs Victoria has bred more than 8000 puppies, helping thousands of people who suffer from low vision or blindness.

Part of this work involves raising pups, which is where you come in. About 30 puppies will be born before Christmas and Guide Dogs Victoria is calling on members of the community to become puppy owners for 12 months.

For those who are keen to look after a pup but can’t commit to a full year, Guide Dogs is also seeking short-term carers for the summer period – you’d be looking after a little Labrador beauty for roughly one month while its owners are away.

Applications for puppy-raisers are currently being accepted. Candidates must live in metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong or Ballarat and be able to spend a large portion of the day with the pup as they cannot be alone for more than three hours. A safe environment is also essential, including any required fencing, and children must be of school age.

Guide Dog Victoria vet appointments and classes with puppy development advisors must be attended during business hours.

If you think you may qualify as responsible puppy-raiser, apply at the Guide Dogs Victoria website.