Yesterday we were pretty ecstatic when we heard that picnics – albeit very small ones – are back on the cards from tomorrow, Saturday September 18.

Up to two people, regardless of vaccination status, are allowed to meet outside for a maximum of four hours. And fully vaccinated (i.e. double dosed) adults from a maximum of two households, plus their unvaccinated dependents, can meet in groups of up to five.

Then we remembered that Melburnians aren’t currently allowed to drink alcohol in public, a rule introduced last month after an impromptu street party in Northcote and a takeaway-drink pub crawl in Richmond happened on the same weekend.

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Yes, you can remove your mask to drink tea, coffee, water, juice or something else non-alcoholic this weekend, but not to sip a refreshing G&T or glass of rose, like we’d been dreaming. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s the rule.

Don’t let it dampen your tiny picnic too much. Over the past two years non-alcoholic drinks have come a long way – beer particularly – and now taste as good as their boozy counterparts. Here are some options we’re eyeing off for this weekend.

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