As of January 1, myki prices will be higher for both concession and full-fare tickets, with a price increase of as much as five per cent, according to Public Transport Victoria.

The changes mean a two-hour full-fare trip within Zone 1 will cost travellers $4.10, a 20 cent rise on current rates. A full day of travel on public transport will cost $8.20, up 40 cents.

Concession cardholders will pay $2.05 for a two-hour trip, up 10 cents, while a full day will cost $4.10, an increase of 20 cents.

The increases will help subsidise reduced ticket prices for children and teenagers, according to Jacinta Allan, the Minister for Public Transport. “[The changes] are simpler, fairer and cheaper for families and kids to travel on public transport,” she says.

From January 30, children under the age of five will be able to travel for free, an increase on the current age of four. The government is also lifting the eligibility age for a child myki ticket from 16 to 18, so teenagers will have access to concession fares until they turn 19.

And there’s more good news for teens – from January 30 next year, travellers aged 17 and 18 will no longer be required to purchase a Victorian Public Transport Concession Card, priced at $9. Government issued identification, such as a learners permit, will allow teenagers to travel on concession-priced fares.

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All-day weekend and public holiday travel for concession holders will be capped at $3 for zones one and two, down 90 cents. The full-fare cap will remain at $6.

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