If you're going to be on the road late tonight, there are some major closures to be aware of, including works on the Monash Freeway and CityLink.

The Bolte Bridge exit ramp to Kings Way will be closed from 9pm this evening to 5am tomorrow. A detour will be in place via the Montague Street exit.

The Bolte Bridge (West Gate Freeway) eastbound entry ramp will be closed tonight from 9pm to 5am tomorrow. The detour in place will take you via the Lorimer Street exit ramp to make a U-turn, and enter via the Montague Street entry ramp.

Footscray Road’s inbound entry ramp will be closed also from 9pm tonight to 5am tomorrow. Drivers can access the West Gate Freeway via Wurundjeri Way.

The Monash Freeway/CityLink will be closed inbound from Toorak Road to the West Gate Freeway (including the Domain Tunnel) from 1am tomorrow to 4am.

For more detailed information, visit the following CityLink pages.

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Bolte Bridge to Kings Way exit ramp

Bolte Bridge/West Gate Freeway

Footscray Road entry ramp

Monash Freeway/CityLink