At 7am today, staff at Australia’s largest charity kitchen arrived to find their offices had been broken in to and trashed. It is the second time the Abbotsford-based organisation has been burgled in the past nine months.

“We lost four laptops, a video camera and various cables, and there are two offices we’ve not been able to use today,” says FareShare’s communications director, Lucy Farmer. “But we’re pleased we haven’t had to stop producing meals for people in need.”

FareShare rescues food that would otherwise be wasted and then turns it into nutritious meals. The not-for-profit distributes meals to around 400 Victorian charities such as soup vans, homeless shelters, food banks and school breakfast programs.

“Our windows may have been broken but they haven’t broken us,” says Farmer. “Volunteers maintained production of meals in the kitchen today, but if anyone is in a position to help us out with some laptops it would be a great help. Obviously they’re insured but it’ll take a little time to get up and running again.”

FareShare is a community organisation that operates through donations from philanthropic foundations, businesses and private donors. For every $10 received, FareShare can cook 15 meals for the increasing number of people struggling to afford food in our community. If anyone is interested or would like to assist, please call (03) 9428 0044 or visit