Earlier in the week an oBike-riding E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial sculpture appeared – seemingly hovering – in Argyle Place in Fitzroy. On Tuesday it was removed by Yarra Council.

But it appears E.T. and Elliot escaped quarantine some time on Thursday night and ride-flew – perhaps unwisely – back to the scene of their original capture. The elevated street art has reappeared in the Fitzroy Laneway, and this time, it has a face. Two, to be exact – the new installation now features printed masks of E.T and his chauffeur. (Who knew that small wrinkly alien was such a renegade?)

Credit for the new work is being claimed by an individual called Bikesy, in a “Planet Permit” posted at the entrance to the laneway.

The tongue-in-cheek planning permit explains that the artist’s application is to “Hang an (almost) exact replica of Elliot & ET [sic], whilst riding on an O-bike [sic], between two buildings.” And to “Illustrate just how simple & easy it is to apply for planning permission.”

Bikesy has also dubbed the laneway the “FITZROY OBIKE GALLERY.”

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Ride long into the night our small, shrivelled friend – do your best to avoid the men in the white suits this time.

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