A mural of the weekend’s Fraser Anning egging incident has popped up in Melbourne’s iconic Hosier Lane.

On Saturday, 17-year-old Will Connolly smashed an egg on the controversial Senator’s head. The painted mural – by artist Van T Rudd – depicts the moment of impact.

On Friday, 50 people were killed and 48 people were injured in terrorist attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. That same day, in a press release, independent senator Fraser Anning (formerly One Nation) blamed the attacks on immigration. On Saturday, while the senator was speaking to media at a far-right rally in Moorabbin, Melbourne, Connolly – now commonly referred to in the media and online as Egg Boy – smashed an egg on Anning’s head. The teenager was taken into police custody, but later released without charge.

Australians quickly embraced Egg Boy’s actions, and a GoFundMe page was set up to pay for his legal fees. The page’s admin then updated the page, after speaking with Connolly, to state that, “He is committed to sending a majority of the money to the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack.” At the time of publishing the page had raised more than $40,000.

Below are links to ways you can show support for the Australian Muslim community, the city of Christchurch and victims of the attacks.

Christchurch Vigil
Gather on the steps of the State Library of Victoria to show your support for the victims of the Christchurch terror attacks.

Mon March 18, 6.30pm.

Solidarity with the Christchurch Muslim Community
Also at the State Library of Victoria, this rally is an opportunity to show solidarity with the victims of the attacks and with the Muslim and New Zealand communities.

Tue March 19, 5pm.

United for Christchurch Mosque Shootings crowdfunding campaign
Donate to this crowdfunding campaign set up by The New Zealand Islamic Information Centre. All funds will be distributed to the victims and families affected by the attacks with the aim of helping their immediate short-term needs.

Christchurch Shooting Victims’ Fund
Victim Support aims to help victims of crime and trauma take control of restoring their lives. Proceeds from this fund will go to supporting people affected by the Christchurch shootings.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Through programs that include food and material aid, legal services, healthcare and employment pathways, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is a not-for-profit organisation supporting people seeking asylum in Australia. There are several different options for donating your time, skills or money.