Door Dash, the largest food-delivery app in the US, operates in more than 4000 cities in North America delivering food from 310,000 businesses. Today it launches in Melbourne for its Australian debut and its first location outside North America.

It’s starting its rollout in the CBD with a plan to expand to the city’s outer suburbs in the coming weeks. Well-known chain restaurants such as Nando’s, Betty’s Burgers and Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill have already signed on, as have a few local independents such as Misschu and Bay City Burrito.

To draw customers away from established platforms including Uber Eats and Deliveroo, Door Dash will run its “30 or $30” promotion for new customers. Any meals not delivered within 30 minutes will entitle customers to $30 off their next order. And for its first month, no delivery fee will be charged for orders above $10.

Unlike its competitors Door Dash also has a “pick up” option; punters can order takeaway in advance and skip queues when they go into an eatery to pick up their food. There’s also the option of group ordering for quantities suitable for hungry hoards.

Drivers – known as “Dashers” – will get upfront earnings per delivery and the option to accept or reject delivery jobs at their own discretion.