Victoria’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has solved the curious case of Coburg’s bright-pink creek.

Worried locals in Melbourne’s north contacted the EPA last week after Edgars Creek turned an unhealthy shade of pink on Wednesday and Saturday.

Sadly, the discolouration wasn’t due to a seasonal phenomenon, as at Port Melbourne’s eye-catching pink lake. Rather, it was the result of dye spilled by a business in the area on Wednesday, an EPA spokesperson confirmed.

The dye was flushed from drains into the creek for a second time by heavy rain over the weekend, but it has now washed away.

Teams from the EPA and Melbourne Water visited the affected area near Adnette Court and traced the dye back to its source. They also tested the water to ensure it wasn’t toxic.

“Visually the brightness of the pink was very confronting but was not harmful,” EPA Northern Metro regional manager Jeremy Settle said in a statement on Facebook on Monday. “We expect the business responsible for this to take immediate action to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“We always encourage the public to report pollution, and the local community got right behind this. We thank them for their vigilance.”

The EPA and the community will be monitoring the situation. Any further pollution can be reported to the authority’s 24-hour hotline on 1300 372 842.