A sit-in is taking place this afternoon at Methven Park in Brunswick East to protest the Moreland Council’s plan to construct a toilet block in the centre of the park.

The protest (beginning 4pm Friday May 12) follows a petition, launched at the beginning of the week, which already has more than 600 signatures.

Considering the current lack of toilet provisions one can only assume the sit in will last no longer than a few hours.

The only toilets at the park were recently demolished due to their poor condition. The council says the new block cannot be rebuilt in the same location because of rules relating to construction next to a power sub-station.

Instead, the new toilet block will be positioned in the centre of one of the only usable grassed areas in the park. It is also one of the only places that receives sunlight in the afternoon.

Construction of the toilets is due to begin on Monday. Bets are on if they can hold on until then.

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