Ever been hit with a brutal hangover after a work function at Witches and Britches?

The well-known cabaret spot, a favourite of bucks’/hens’ nights, has been busted with 450 litres of homemade liquor, according to the Herald Sun.

The bootlegged product was alegedly being passed off as Jim Beam and four other brands.

Undercover police officers visited the venue after being tipped off by concerned staff. Samples were taken and sent to Jim Beam for forensic verification.

A Warrandyte South property was also raided where a handgun was found. Police have charged a 55-year-old man with connections to the coven.

Getting super drunk on homemade hooch might aid in your Cable Guy recreation fantasies, but given poor distillation techniques can lead to the production of methanol, which is potentially deadly – an incident in NSW last year led to the deaths of three people – booze-making is best left to the pros.

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