A week ago, the car-park wall at Easey’s burger shop in Collingwood was like any other wall in Melbourne – not famous. This week, things are different.

A few days ago street artist Lush Sux (the same guy behind the kangaroo punch mural on Punt Road last year) painted Beyonce in all her pregnant glory on Easey’s five-storey wall.

CNN found the photo that Easey’s posted on its Instagram and decided it was worth sharing with its 2.9 million followers.

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Lush Sux is responsible for a bunch of pop-culture graffiti tributes around Melbourne, including several he created during the US presidential election. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton kissing; a topless Melania Trump; Trump vomiting a rainbow; Trump wearing a floral wreath on his head – they’re all the artist’s work. But it was Beyonce who CNN was most taken with.

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The mural has already been great for business, says Easey’s co-owner Jimmy Hurlston.

“It’s been good – I can’t complain,” he says. “[Lush Sux] finished it on Saturday… there’s definitely been a spike in people” heading to Easey’s since.

Hurlston was impressed with how fast the mural was painted, saying Lush Sux finished covering the wall in about four or five days, in sweltering heat last week.

“The building faces due west, so there was sun not only on his back but reflecting from the wall,” he says.

“I heard on the grapevine it might be getting painted over in two weeks,” he adds.

So if you want to get up close and personal with Queen Bey, you better hurry.


Someone doesn't like Bey as much as everyone else. The mural [was defaced (https://www.instagram.com/p/BQgnFfilCnC/?taken-by=jimmysburgers) sometime on Tuesday night. (Or someone just had a really bad Valentines Day and felt like lashing out.)