Bar Americano’s last trading day for 2022 is Saturday, April 4. For the rest of the year, founder Matt Bax and bartender Matty Packham will unleash “their most experimental drink ideas” under the temporary name, Bar Sabbatico, as a way to reinvigorate the CBD after two devastating years of the pandemic. Expect old cocktails from Bax’s former venues, such as the world-famous Der Raum and its signature drink The Pharmacy, served in a medical jar with an Aperol-filled syringe and sherbet pill.

Bar Americano is another impeccable offering from Matt Bax, the maverick behind Bar Economico, Bar Exuberante and the now-closed Der Raum.

Tucked at the end of Presgrave Place, the pint-sized World Class venue is standing room only. The focus is on perfect balanced cocktails taken from Robert Vermeire's iconic 1922 tome Cocktails and How to Mix Them, with the menu changing seasonally.

Taking its cues from Italian aperitivo culture, Bar Americano brings with it a serious approach to cocktail drinking. Office workers lean against the bar, loosening their ties, while cocktail aficionados quiz the staff about the finer details of their concoctions.

For our money, we’ll take an Americano to start and progress to a Chicago Fizz.

Updated: April 5th, 2022

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