It sounds like hallelujah, but in Japanese hareruya means “sunny shop.” In any case, it’s the perfect name for this sun-drenched eatery, courtesy of the team behind top Japanese cafes Le Bajo and 279.

While the menu of Japanese classics, keeps it simple, it almost always sells out, so get in early. There are usually three bentos on offer; the house option has ground beef and egg on rice, with a soft-boiled egg and various sides such as pickled veggies. There’s also a fish bento and a vegetarian alternative with inari.

Sweets-wise, you can expect a rotating menu of house-baked goods – including a miso brownie, matcha cookies and delicate cup-sized castella (honey sponge cake).

Then there’s the gelato station, featuring around eight flavours available to take away in a cup or tub, wrapped in mochi in daifuku style, or sandwiched by rice wafers in monaka style. Japanese-inspired flavours include matcha, Calpis (an uncarbonated Japanese soft drink) and yuzu, and avocado yoghurt.

Housed behind a red-brick frontage (and roller door), the space is every bit as thoughtfully restrained as the menu. Owner Kantaro Okada was drawn to the blanket of sunlight that fills the former construction office – and didn’t want the furnishings to be too distracting. It’s more about the location here. Customers are encouraged to take their jam-packed bento boxes, baked goods and gelato and make the most of Lincoln Square, which is directly across the street.

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Updated: July 8th, 2024

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