food truck

Remember Mr Whippy? The sound of Greensleeves trailing into the summer air as you ran along the hot pavement, coins jingling in your grubby little hand, frantically trying to get a soft serve? Well, the updated model is here.

Born from an unlikely creative pairing, the Yogurddiction van hits the street to deliver all-natural products with no added colours or preservatives.

The frozen yoghurt is 100 per cent non-fat, cholesterol-free, dairy goodness with flavours including peach mango, wild berry, green tea and pistachio, as well as the inventive raspberry pomegranate and New York cheesecake.

You can choose from a slew of toppings: be it chocolate, nuts, fruits, or even cereal. Crushed honey macadamia, coconut jelly and fresh strawberries is a great combination.

Looking for Yogurddiction? You can find out where they are at here.