7:00am - 3:30pm
60 Chapel Street Windsor 3181



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What’s uncommon about Uncommon. is that while it subscribes to the whole-food movement, it doesn’t whack you over the head with it.

For the Uncommon. team, eating well is as much about eating food that has been organically, ethically and sustainably grown and reared as it is about eating sprouts and seeds. While the healthy angle is obvious in dishes such as the acai bowl or the morning super salad with coconut, kale, quinoa and spirulina, it’s less so in the salmon pastrami with whipped honey, or the Cape Grim Wagyu beef short rib with a fried egg and a pesto made from river mint – a native Australian herb.

The drinks are all coffees, fresh juice, smoothies and young coconuts – the only thing in bottles is the booze. Lou Chalmer, from natural-wine haven Clever Polly’s, has curated the list. She has put together a short-but-solid selection of minimal-intervention wines and beers. Cocktails use house-made tonics and mixers.

The uncommon theme extends into the details, too. The furniture has been fashioned from timber salvaged from a munitions factory, water is served in stumpy Spanish wine glasses, and coffee from Industry Beans is served on little silver trays.

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