Sweet Source

Closed Today
288 Rathdown Street Carlton North
(03) 9348 2998

Stroll on down to leafy Rathdowne Village for some sweet love and that spoilt feeling you usually get from grandma.

Requisite avocado on toast aside, the clear highlight of this wonderful patisserie and larder are the delicious baked goods by Zoi Condos. Even before consuming as much as a single crumb, you're already charmed by the visual feast; the array of cakes and tarts are presented on dainty cake platters and look so perfect that it almost seems a shame to sink your fork into it.

Every child (and more than one adult) that enters the glass doors is hypnotically drawn to the towering afternoon-tea stand of cupcakes topped with indulgent swirls of pastel icing. But vying for attention are fudgy brownies with cute little smarties squashed on top, an enormous layered carrot cake, sour cherry pie, blackcurrant frangipane tart, chocolate earl grey cake…and that’s just the sweets. There are also a cabinet full of quiches, sandwiches and salads for a savoury taste prior to hitting that sweet spot.

Chosen temptation on a plate, coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other; at Sweet Source, sweetness seems to exist in perpetuity.


  • outdoor area
  • bakery