Shoku Iku

9:30am - 4:00pm
120 High Street Northcote 3070
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Shoku Iku (Japanese for “food education”) is the work of Yoko Inoue, a former private chef native to Japan. A raw and organic eatery, Shoku Iku focuses on the macrobiotic philosophy and raw food diet that Inoue is passionate about.

The menu changes every day, depending on what she feels like cooking. Everything on offer is vegan, with mostly raw options such as beetroot spaghetti with green chilli alfredo, chunky apple and celery salad or even raw lasagne.

There are also unexpected raw desserts, such as raw peppermint ice-cream sandwich. Complete your meal with an organic smoothie and with optional boosting herbs.

A massive timber communal table dominates the simple, warm space and naked light bulbs hang from the ceiling. Directly connected to the main room is the open kitchen area, which allows customers to observe Inoue as she makes the dishes, and even ask her questions as she cooks.

Inoue also sells homemade organic sweets under her Shoku brand; runs Saturday night dinners; runs a Shoku blog and magazine; and hosts in-house cooking classes.