Pomona Cafe

7:00am - 3:30pm
474B Murray Road Preston


outdoor area
outdoor area

Just like his first venture, Pizza Farro, Vince Lotito’s child-friendly Preston cafe, Pomona, specializes in spelt and gluten-free products.

The two light-filled spaces are stroller friendly. The first room features a sizable communal bench complete with the Lotito-built hanging light sculpture made from children’s building blocks, as well as stunning, truck-tarp-sized mural designed by Lotito’s wife, Yvette Romanin. Spread across the feature wall, the vast image pays homage to our agricultural history and Pomona (the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance), from whom the cafe takes its inspiration and name.

Ingredients are organic, sourced locally where possible and pulled from the three, onsite vegetable and herb garden plots out the back. Both the Meat Patty sandwich (filled with a hybrid lean beef and pork burger, mayonnaise, rocket, tomato relish, caramelised onion, scamorza cheese and sliced tomato) and his Veg Patty alternative (made with vegetables and beans) are clear hits with customers. The notable lamb or salmon salads, plus a kiddies and budding breakfast menu adds to the deal.

Serving his own Pomona Coffee Roasters boutique coffee, Lotito’s business partner Michael O’Loughlin brings years of coffee bean roasting experience to the table. Pomona presents a monthly single origin ranging from a Rain Forest Alliance Nicaraguan to a Sumatran Mandheling, and Brazilian to Honduras Fairtrade blends.