Penny Farthing Espresso

7:00am - 4:00pm
206 High Street Northcote



outdoor area

Penny Farthing’s old-school appeal pays homage to 19th century upstart Hubert Foggart and his Penny Farthing (bike) world record breaking (yet undocumented) high speed attempt.

These days, though our pushies are a little more aerodynamic, our need of sustenance to keep pedalling is just as relevant. It’s lucky then that while Foggart’s memory has largely fallen between the cracks of time, his efforts have inspired this great little coffee spot on High Street, Northcote just a quick ride up the hill.

Most notably, it’s a very serious coffee affair, with brothers Trevor and Steve Simmons at the helm of what would otherwise be just another High Street cafe. From Industry Beans they carry single-origin beans, a carefully chosen house blend, as well as intermittent special releases.

Deliberate and a little ad hoc, Penny Farthing’s approach to vintage is appropriately nostalgic, navigating a fine line between cool and warmly earnest. Locals love it for its simple food, good coffee and a courtyard out the back filled with laptop-tappers and those soaking up the sun. There's also an adventurous coffee cocktail list with drinks aptly named Ginger Mini Bike, the Penny Farthing Espresso and the Step Through.