One Misty Guy


outdoor area

Jansen Domantay is a master of demographics. He opened One Misty Guy (nicknamed OMG) in 2016, after selling Spilt Milk in Carnegie. It’s caught between the frugal students at Monash University and Malvern socialites – Domantay’s job is to cater for everyone.

OMG is a cafe by day and transforms into a restaurant at night. The menu is varied (to please any type of customer that waltzes in). Brioche sandwiches are the eatery’s signature, filled with ingredients such as crispy chicken and pulled lamb. Salads, charcuterie boards and pizzas make up the day menu. Tapas and pasta dishes come out for dinner.

For rushers squeezing in a coffee between classes or before school pick up, there’s a coffee window where cups fly out speedily (beans are from Padre Coffee). For those who have time to sit and sip, there are cocktails, mocktails and, of course, wines from Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The interior is homely, with Scandinavian influences and comfortable cushions lining the banquettes. Out the back there’s an industrial-style courtyard, fitted with monstrous concrete tables and stools – perfect for groups of students, teachers’ meetings, functions, or mums in dire need of a lunch out.