6:30am - 5:30pm
84 Bay St Port Melbourne

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Chef/owner David Menard offers ridiculously tempting French fancies at his Bay Street bakery. A gilded mirror space, glass-fronted kitchen and jewellery shop-style displays create a space in which the breads speak as loudly as the sweets.

Attention to detail is evident in all of the products, from the perfectly formed French macaroons that would give Parisian bakeries a run for their money, to the pepita-encrusted wholemeal rolls and flour-dusted sourdough bâtards. We’re big fans of their handmade chocolates, flavoured marshmallows and mini desserts – you can pick the very famous French bakery chain for whom Menard worked before opening Noisette. A good flow of very fussy customers ensures that the chefs working away in the back remain on their toes. Noisette is a great one-stop shop for all your sweet and savoury boulangerie needs.