My Sister Says

7:00am - 3:00pm
118 Bridge Street Port Melbourne


outdoor area

Malvern cafe, Servery and Spoon, has a smaller sibling in My Sister Says, on the quiet strip of shops just around the corner from Port Melbourne's main drag, Bay Street. Owner Elaine So has maintained the goal she established in Malvern, by setting up a small cafe, off the beaten track, for locals. It’s a refreshing patch in an area that's a little low on eclectic thoughtful cafe culture.

Much of the menu (and the cakes) is made from scratch which is extra impressive when you see the tiny room. The front houses bar stools against a bench down one side of the room, a handful of tables, the kitchen, and the counter (which is carefully cluttered with cakes and sandwiches) occupy the rest of the space. There’s certainly an urban touch here – a striking piece of artwork by Amy Wright is painted on the floor, long-armed reading lamps jut out at differing angles from the white wall which is otherwise dressed with an x-ray lamp surrounded by quirky touchesm and beakers juxtaposed with terracotta pots sit alongside jars of jams for sale.

The coffee is good and the food is generous, fresh and full of big flavours: there’s John Harbour ham with smashed avocado and tomato salsa, cauliflower fritters with carrot dip as well as a gutsy steak sandwich. This Port Melbourne cafe lifts the bar for the surrounding area and ensures our inner-city cafe culture keeps evolving, even in unlikely places.