Mason Dixon Bourke Street



Sandwich shop Mason Dixon takes its name from the Mason Dixon line, which traditionally marks the division between the northern and southern states of the USA. Owner Garett Huston grew up around the States, so the menu features items from above and below the line. It’s cultural unification through sandwiches.

Reubens – always on rye, always toasted – are the cornerstone here. Hoagies come in all stripes, from New York deli style to oozing Philly Cheese Steaks. Floridian Cubanos and savoury bagels by 5 & Dime round things out.

Sides include onion rings and bacon cheese grits, and French fries set themselves apart with a Cajun spice mix. Slaws and sauerkraut are on offer alongside a daily special salad. Pastries, sweets and Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream are also available.

The Americana doesn’t let up with the drinks. Coffee by Dimattina is given the drip treatment. Soda, from Dr Pepper to root beer, is displayed on the counter alongside huge jars of pickles.