The Left-Handed Chef

The Left-Handed Chef

7:30am - 3:30pm
219 Park Street South Melbourne 3205
(03) 9645 5800

The Left-Handed Chef feels more like your grandparents’ living room than a cafe. Look for the grandfather clock, antique photo frames and handmade tea cosies hugging teapots.

If the snug interior isn’t enough to warm you up, try a coffee by Port Melbourne’s Red Star. A must-have treat is the popular doughnut waffle – a heavenly hybrid of a puffy cinnamon doughnut and a crispy waffle.

Owner Ehud Malka begins every day at 3am, baking goods for his cafe. All of the products are made on-site, including the cream cheese red velvet lamingtons and gluten-free bread.

Malka’s Israeli heritage is evident in his signature dishes. Try The Big Grand Slam – thick-cut toast, hummus, haloumi, smoky bacon, poached eggs and a sprinkle of dukkah.

Breakfast is undoubtedly the main event at The Left-Handed Chef, but that doesn’t mean lunch is forgotten. You’ll find a decent spread of takeaway sandwiches and bagels in the front window, not to mention the burgers and pulled-pork tacos on the main menu.

The memorable service means that fresh customers quickly become familiar ones. And yes, the chef is left-handed.




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