The Guilty Moose

The Guilty Moose

7:00am - 4:00pm
143 Victoria Avenue Albert Park 3206
(03) 9078 0925

Alger Liu appreciates the little things. He appreciates the daily insight he gets from exchanging words with his customers. The milk he receives from the crew at Fitzroy’s Saint David Dairy. The coffee he gets from Padre. Especially, he appreciates the acknowledgement he gets throughout the year by his army of regulars.

Head chef Jason Chong (ex-Attica) brings finesse to The Guilty Moose’s menu. Hints of his fine-dining education appear just enough to make customers curious without leaving them intimidated.

Try the Breakfast of Champignons with umami powder, whipped chevre and thyme-roasted mushrooms; yoghurt panna cotta with puffed amaranth and basil granite; or the signature cauliflower cheese with red quinoa, kale chips and cauliflower rice for lunch.

Grab a sunny spot in the courtyard, or join a communal table indoors. Whether you’re in for a quick takeaway, or settling to have a meal, you’ll be struck by the warm exchange from Liu and his young attentive staff.



  • outdoor area
  • licensed