The Geelong West Social Club


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The Geelong West Social Club is one of the most inclusive clubs ever. On any given morning, the tiny cafe is packed with an eclectic little community; mums with prams, Lycra-clad bike riders and suit-wearing businesspeople all huddle together for their daily coffee.

Fitted out with white walls, Tasmanian oak and black accents, the space has a strong Scandinavian vibe. Since opening in 2015, husband and wife owners Mia and Ross McDonald have gradually added their own flair to the venue in the form of plenty of greenery and a slick, matte black La Marzocco machine. The cafe uses beans from Coffee Supreme, where Ross worked as a roaster for three years.

As for the menu, GWSC (as it’s affectionately known by locals) has a philosophy of sticking to the simple stuff and getting it right. There are a few cakes and a selection of bagels supplied by Melbourne’s NY Bagels, with traditional fillings. It pays to get in early, as the bagels sell out most days.

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